Stephanie Meyer Announced Two New 'Twilight' Books

You can thank the success of Midnight Sun.

Just weeks after the release of Midnight Sun (which sold over 1 million copies in its first week), Twilight author Stephanie Meyer is giving fans more to be excited about. During a virtual appearance at Books-A-Million, Meyer confirmed that there would be two more books in the Twilight saga, though fans will be disappointed to learn that there's no set timeline for their release just yet. Twilight fans can be counted on for being patient, however, since they waited years for Midnight Sun, a retelling of the original Twilight novel from Edward Cullen's perspective.

"I have got them outlined and a chapter written I think of the first one, so I know it's there. I am not ready to do that right now, I want to do something brand new," Meyer said when fans asked about more stories from Forks, Washington, and their favorite vampire coven, according to USA Today.

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Meyer added that she's going to step away from the world of Edward and Bella Cullen for the time being. So, for now, readers can get excited for an entirely new universe full of its own unique mythology and romance.

"For me, a lot of the joy of writing comes from creating and I really want to do a new world and new rules and new mythology. Mythology is kind of my thing," Meyer said.

The author did say that fans expecting Midnight Sun's follow-ups to continue the idea of offering the saga's whole narrative from Edward's point of view may be disappointed. In a separate interview, she said that revisiting the story and looking at it from his eyes wasn't the best experience.

"This is it for Edward. Writing from his point of view makes me extra anxious. And the experience of writing this book was not a super pleasant one," she told the New York Times of Midnight Sun. "I think this gives you enough of a sense of what it’s like to be Edward that you could go and look at the other books and you would know what’s going on in his head."

Meyer also told the Guardian that Midnight Sun is her "nemesis" and that "every single word was a struggle." Meyer also noted that the book isn't necessarily a sequel, it's more of a "companion" piece to the original trilogy.

"Remember that this is all going to work out for Edward and that someday, he's going to be incredibly happy all the time," she told Seventeen. "Try not to think about his side of New Moon (which I will never, never try to write)."

Meyer also offered a hint to her next release, saying that it would be vampire-free.

"After finally getting finished with this book, I plan to spend a lot of time in other worlds where vampires don't exist," she added. "I guess my hope is that I can finish another book in a lot less time."

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