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Diane von Furstenberg is known as one of the most powerful and bold women in fashion today. So it’s not surprising that the designer tapped Stefani Greenfield, a style-obsessed professional with a no-holds-barred approach, to serve as DVF's creative brand director. And while you likely recall Greenfield’s appearance as a mentor on E!’s House of DVF last fall and the founder of what is now Scoop NYC, the camera-ready retail expert is officially heading back to television.

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Set to launch June 18, Greenfield has once more partnered with HSN to debut Curations Caravan, a line of travel-inspired accessories and vacation essentials reflective of her international travels. The pieces available, which include maxi dresses, floral scarves (above), tunics (below), crochet skirts, and ponchos, have a similar aesthetic to the items she once helped produce for Curations with Stefani Greenfield and will be introduced four times each year. “I am like an urban gypsy. In my mind, I travel all over even when I’m not physically traveling, which is all the time,” Greenfield told InStyle.

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Where is she taking us to first? Hawaii. “It’s everything tropical. It’s everything colorful. And I basically give my viewer and customer permission to play…we are celebrating the spirit,” she said. “I’m not there to do anything but educate, motivate, and entertain them. And the privilege that I get to make a woman feel better about the way she looks is something I take very seriously.” Greenfield cites the caftans and cover-ups from the collection among her favorite pieces thanks to their versatility. “Style is all about working your proportion,” she added.

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According to Greenfield, her upcoming on-screen appearances will be chock-full of fashion advice and tips on how to use items you likely already own. So what’s her biggest piece of style advice now? “That white is a color,” she said. “Donna Karan taught me, and I started working there when she launched DKNY in 1989, that the closer you put white to the face, the brighter it makes you look. It brings out all the color in your skin.” Greenfield’s Hawaii-inspired Curations Caravan collection, which will range between $40 and $130, launches June 18 on HSN.

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