Stars March (in Heels!) to End Violence Against Women In Honor Of International Women's Day

Kim Cattrall, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rutherford

There's something powerful about a room full of women, especially with those who have traveled around the world to make it a better place for girls and women. "I love strong women and I surround myself with strong women and immediately in here I feel all this energy, it's fantastic," supermodel Naomi Campbell told us at the United Nations in New York City Friday. "I think the more you join forces, the stronger you feel. I'm very happy to be here."

Campbell, along with Kim Cattrall, Kelly Rutherford, and more, came together at the Delegates Dining Room at the UN to celebrate the women behind UN Women For Peace and praise their efforts in preventing violence against women and fighting for their rights to an education.

"We're celebrating women and I think in celebrating women, we're also inviting people to understand more of what it is to be a woman and the challenges of that, and also to educate," says Cattrall.

She, along with Campbell and Rutherford, are all part of the UN Women For Peace committee of honor and have each pledged to give women a voice. "We all have enormous resources and we can use those resources to transform what is going on, whether it's slavery, genital mutilation, the family court system, rape, and all sorts of things that we're still dealing with today," adds Rutherford. "Women shouldn't have to hide themselves, whether it's physically or emotionally. We should be able to wear what want and express ourselves freely without the fear violence."

As the afternoon went on, guest speakers like Trudie Styler and Cindy McCain gave moving speeches that had guests cheering, which was followed by a two-block march from the UN Headquarters to Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, headed by none other than Campbell herself. "I think [women] are so strong and sometimes stronger than we know. Sometimes there's things we think we can't get through, but we're able to cope," she says.

And one could argue that no one knows this better than Campbell. Right before she stepped outside to lead over 600 supporters in the march, couldn't help but ask what type of footwear the supermodel chose for the day. "I'm wearing my heels, come what may!" she proudly told us. We wouldn't expect anything less!

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