Credit: Albert Michael/startraksphoto

Hollywood stars are known for being on the cutting edge when it comes to fashion—they're often the first to get the hottest straight-from-the-runway looks. But this summer, stylish celebs like Mary-Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kelly Ripa are playing catchup, adopting as their own an accessory heretofore seen mostly on the arms of the nation's middle-schoolers. They're wearing Silly Bandz, the bright rubber bracelets beloved by children for their ability to snap back into their pre-molded shape (often an animal) as soon as they're removed. Even the New York Times has covered the trend, and we must say, we love it: The bracelets are cheap, plentiful, and—when paired with more luxe jewelry—a perfect component of the always popular high/low look. Order yourself a 24-pack for less than $5 at