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By Bruner
Updated Jun 02, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
Credit: marycake/Instagram

Satisfy your sweet tooth.

Next time you pop into a Starbucks—but aren’t seeking the intensity of its new Nitro Cold Brew—you can opt for the latest secret menu item: the “Pink Drink.” Made by shaking up the coffee chain’s hot-pink Strawberry Açai Refresher with coconut milk and fresh fruit (your pick—strawberries or blackberries), the Barbie-pink beverage is taking social media by storm.

Spotted recently by FoodBeast, it appears to have really started taking off over the last few days. On Twitter, taste-testers are calling it a “magical elixir” reminiscent of pink Starburst candy:

Unlike many of the other secret menu beverages, which are usually variations of its frozen Frappuccino line (think: Bubblegum Frappuccino, with strawberries and creme plus raspberry syrup), this looks to be somewhat healthy. And although it only has a bit of “Green Coffee Extract” from the Refresher, it should still give you a sugar high. Of course, there’s no real “secret” menu at Starbucks: you simply have to know exactly what to order.