Starbucks Proposal
Credit: Austin Mann/Starbucks

When you imagine your ideal marriage proposal, it probably doesn’t take place in an airport Starbucks. But for Austin Mann and Esther Havens, that's exactly where their happily ever after started.

Mann and Havens, both freelance photographers, are airport regulars. They pass through airports all over the world and, natch, airport coffee shops are a vital part of that travel culture.

Before the couple started dating, Mann proved his affection for Havens by leaving a hidden note for her at a Starbucks in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. He texted her clues as she passed through, a thoughtful gesture that led Havens to wonder whether their friendship was destined to be something more.

The avid travelers began dating, and Mann continued to woo his girlfriend with romantic Starbucks scavenger hunts across the globe.

After six years of dating, Mann decided to put a ring on it, and he planned to pop the question at the site of the note that started it all, Amsterdam’s airport Starbucks.

The next time Mann knew Havens would be passing through the airport, he told her a note would be waiting for her in their special place. Upon his girlfriend’s arrival, Mann appeared at the Starbucks on one knee, bouquet in one hand and a ring in the other!

Obvs, she said yes.

Mann also made sure that Havens’s closest family members were there to witness the moment.

Cue the chorus of “awws”! If this story doesn’t make its way to Hollywood in the next 10 years, I will personally produce it myself.