Starbucks Halloween Frappucino - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Because it’s never really a holiday season until Starbucks comes out with a themed drink (PSLs, we’re looking at you), the beverage giant just brought back its spookiest Frappuccino in time for Halloween.

The “Frappula” Frappuccino is made with "a layer of mocha sauce and a dollop of whipped cream" at the bottom of the drink (unheard of, we know). It’s then topped off with a blended mix of white chocolate mocha sauce, milk, and ice. A drizzle of strawberry puree provides the Frapp with a gory vibe and more whipped cream completes the drink.

Starbucks Halloween - Lead
Credit: Courtesy Starbucks

The menu option will swoop its way back into stores from Oct. 27 through 31 along with Mummy Cake Pops (below) and vibrant Day of the Dead Cookies.

Credit: Courtesy Starbucks

So hop on your broomstick, head to your nearest Starbucks store, and sink your teeth into these delicious treats while supplies last.

Happy haunting!