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It’s been 20 years since Clueless hit theaters, but Stacey Dash (aka Dionne) is still a total Betty. The actress and FOX News contributor stopped by InStyle’s New York City offices late last year, and she seriously looked like she hadn’t aged a day since playing BFF to Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) in the film. So naturally, we asked her to spill the secrets to her flawless appearance. “I think being happy is the most important thing,” Dash said. “And eating healthy, exercising, and drinking lots of water, of course.”

But the star does keep a few products on hand to keep herself looking fresh. “I use Pond’s Cold Cream every night to take my makeup off, and I use this serum called Acta,” Dash revealed. “That’s all I do. It’s simple and it works for me. My grandmother used it, and she never had a wrinkle on her face—so that’s what I use!”

Dash is all about keeping things in the family. While she inherited her beauty routine from her grandma, Dash has passed a few things down to her own 12-year-old daughter, including her love of Clueless . “I just recently let her watch it for the first time,” said Dash. “It wasn’t really age-appropriate for her to watch before then.” But now, her daughter Lola is her number one fan. “I had a Dionne Barbie that I gave to her, so now she’s like, ‘My mom is a Barbie!’” said Dash, adding that her daughter's Clueless memorabilia doesn't stop there. “She also has a t-shirt with me on it that she wears to every sleepover—it’s adorable.”

It's important to Dash that she can bond with her family over the film that made her a star. “I’m happy that I have something I can be proud of and share with my daughter as she grows up,” she said. “And one day, my granddaughters will see it, which I think is great.” The fact that the movie is family-friendly remains one of Dash’s favorite things about it. “It’s clean, and it’s just good—we were good girls [in the movie], and I liked that,” she said. “We weren’t mean, we were just rich!”

The cast was friendly off-camera, too. “As much fun that you see on the screen, we had every single day,” said Dash. “It was organic.” The film’s standout fashion came just as naturally for costume designer Mona May. “She created and designed every single piece of the wardrobe,” Dash said. When it comes to naming her fave Dionne look, though, Dash doesn’t have to think twice. “It’s the first outfit you see me in, the black and white outfit with the hat," she said. "That hat was my favorite, with the big Dr. Seuss-looking thing. It was awesome.”

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And while it was Cher’s high-tech smart closet that blew our minds in the movie, Dash may be able to outdo her in the wardrobe department these days. “I’m super particular with my own closet,” she said. “I have a closet for my shoes, my bags, my furs. Chanel goes one place, Pucci goes another. And it’s color-coordinated.” Her reasoning? “It’s quick and efficient to pick an outfit.” Now that's some fashion logic we can get behind.