By Samantha Simon
Oct 24, 2014 @ 4:32 pm
Jerome Corpuz

You probably have not imagined the elegant Naomi Watts as a pregnant Russian stripper before, but you’ll see her as one in after watching St. Vincent. In the dramedy, in theaters today, she stars as Daka, "lady of the night" gal pal of Vincent (Bill Murray), a drunk gambler who makes a paycheck by babysitting his young neighbor, Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher), son of overworked cat scan nurse Maggie (Melissa McCarthy). Along the way, Vincent introduces the young fellow to his dark ways of the world, from fighting to horse racing to strippers.

For Watts, the hardest part was getting the accent just right. “I did a good six weeks of prep,” Watts told InStyle when we caught up with her at the Toronto International Film Festival. “I found this great little beauty salon full of Russian ladies, and I would go there two or three times a week and tape them. I was hell-bent on getting the accent.”

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She also went to strip clubs and took a few pole dancing lessons (she has one scene in the movie where she grinds a pole with her pregnant belly). “We didn’t have to do anything choreographed, but it’s really hard," she said. "I have a bad neck from it still! I mean, those head-flipping things—no, not for [people] my age.”

But her moves impressed her co-stars. “She’s really funny,” McCarthy said. “When she’s in character, she just really makes me laugh.”

Watch the below trailer for St. Vincent,  in theaters today!

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—With reporting by Karen Levy