Why These Square-Shaped Hairbrushes Are Your Blow-Out's New Best Friend

Fromm 1907 Square Thermal Rounder Brushes
Photo: Naomi Driessnack for InStyle.com

Round brushes have long been a standard in the hair world, but could a square brush completely change the way you blow out your strands? Equipped with an unconventional barrel shape, the Fromm 1907 Square Thermal Rounder Brushes ($22 each; ulta.com) promise more versatility than your old-school round version, creating a different texture depending on the angle. When held flat against your strands, you can impart a sleek, Gwyneth-esque blowout, but when tilted so that the barrel mirrors a four-point diamond shape, you're able to form loose, touchable waves, or tight curls. The ceramic-coated tools are available in three sizes to suit both super-short and long styles, though the smallest option is best for those last-minute details when you want to give your layers extra movement.

Blowout beginners will be able to appreciate the slip-free handle and textured bristles on this tool, as they provide the right amount of tension needed for an even finish, easing the overall process. We were especially impressed how the barrel shape made for reduced drying time, and lived up to its claims — that is, if you can hold it at a constant angle to form a specific curl or wave pattern. But if you're the type to use wrist motions while styling, twisting the brush will produce similar results to your traditional round version, but in a slightly shorter amount of time, all depending on your skill level of course. The final verdict? At least when it comes to our blowout, it's definitely hip to be square.

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