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Updated Mar 03, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
2016 CWL Lead
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Prepare your closets: Our big spring trend 2016 report is here, and man, is it full of personality. Well, six personalities, to be exact. After scouring the runways and scrutinizing all the looks, we found that this season is less about the usual trends (sequins! colorful velvet!) and more geared toward self-expression. Designers really embraced individuality, and that means all sorts of fantastic clothes made for all sorts of fantastic women—from the modern boho to the elegant urbanite.

So who is your spring 2016 fashion doppelganger? Read on to meet spring's most colorful characters, then shop their style, stat. Charmed, we're sure.


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Who she is: This woman is up on the news, above the trends, and too busy affecting change to respond to any inane meeting requests. You can tell by that casual twist in her style (the designer sandals are a dead giveaway) that she doesn't lose touch with what really matters in her life—getting upstate this weekend to plant tomatoes and to finally tackle that Garth Risk Hallberg novel.


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Who she is: Oh, to be the woman who makes wearing complicated patterns and maxiskirts look so effortless. Channeling her inner Sienna Miller (or Mary-Kate Olsen, depending on her age and affinity for saucer-size shades), she's a well-connected sophisticate who lives out of a suitcase, always jet-setting from this music festival to that art biennial. Don't bother asking for her address. Just follow her on Instagram.


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Who she is: Romance is not dead for our heroine of all that is light, for she will always be there to lend a hand and stand up for what is right—whether it's organizing a charity benefit or perfecting her découpage. Socially minded, she cherishes both femininity and feminism, but she's not afraid to look pretty for pretty's sake.


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Who she is: You want to loathe her, but you can't. She's just the best, and so damn cool in her boldly colored actif-sportif outfits, ideal for dropping the kids off at school, doing yoga, and baking gluten-free cookies that happen to be delicious. Like Karlie Kloss, she's a role model for the athleisure set, radiating positivity with a dazzling smile.


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Who she is: This woman loves the softer-edged, 2.0 version of wearable tech that still reads as luxurious. Less Lisbeth Salander and more Ava from Ex Machina, she never needs an extra charger since there's one built into her handbag. Not that it matters—she's plugged into pretty much everything as it is, always intrigued, enlightened, engaged, and primed to kick some ass.


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Who she is: Ahem. Excuse me, people. Why is this not done? We've discussed it in depth already. I know what I want, and you should too. Were you distracted by the cut of my Versace? Stop smiling. I didn't wear it for you, honey. Now kindly step aside while I shatter this glass ceiling.