Valentines Day cards
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Back in elementary school, Valentine’s Day was one of the most exciting days of the year.

Reaching into an overly glittered paper mailbox taped to the edge of your desk was one of the best feelings in the world! Maybe the card you pull out would be from your best friend or a secret admirer or, better yet, your crush!

Remember that hopeful anticipation? That warm, fizzy feeling of love? You don’t get that feeling from being tagged in someone’s Facebook status.

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We scoped out some of the best Valentine’s Day cards around so that you can spread some modern love the old-fashioned way.

This first Valentine card tops our list! We love its twentieth-century sentiment because, let’s face it, all we really want is someone to share a wireless code with. If a Netflix binge is your idea of a perfect night, pick up the Look At My Phone card ($4.50; Emily McDowell) for your cuddle buddy.

See more great Valentines cards for your sweetie, after the jump!

—Reporting from Jamie Feld and Selene Milano

Valentines Day cards 1
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From left to right:

  • Show your favorite vegetarian how much you love them with the You Make My Heart Skip a Beet card ($4.50; It's also available as an art print if you want to surprise your sweetie with the framed sentiment.
  • Ballet slipper pink, gold foil, and a curving font — you'd be hard pressed to find a more elegant Valentine’s Day card than the XO ($6;
  • Printed on antique machinery, the My Favorite card ($6.25; would be a great Valentine for your bestie or the barista that always remembers your order.
Valentines Day cards 2
Credit: Courtesy Photo (3)

From left to right:

  • Need to say it all to someone special? Let the You Are So Freaking Awesome card ($7.50; do it for you.
  • The Rifle Paper Company is a treasure trove amazing and colorful treats (including journals, invitations, recipe tins, and more). We love their sweetly nostalgic You're the Cat's Meow card ($4.50;
  • Does just the thought of your honey bunch automatically plaster a silly grin across your face? Then they deserve this You Make me Melt card ($4.50;

From left to right:

  • The Greenwich Letterpress has been churning out fabulously vintage-style cards since 2005. We love this Couples Skate card ($4.50;, which captures the thrilling retro moment of Friday night at the roller rink when the lights go down and so does the music.
  • Show off your adorable kids or pets with these customizable Vintage Heart Valentine’s cards ($2.50;
  • Use the delightfully vintage inspired Heart Bandit card ($4.50; to tell someone they’ve hijacked your heart.