Kate Upton
Credit: Courtesy Sports Illustrated

Kate Upton is the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover girl! The 19-year-old Florida native landed the cover in a teeny red triangle bikini, after first debuting as "Rookie of the Year" in last year's issue. "Being on the cover was my dream," she said on the Today show this morning. The model has big following, with 176,050 Twitter followers (and counting) and 3 million-plus hits on YouTube for a video of herself doing the Dougie dance move at a Clippers basketball game. "In my opinion, everyone talks about how the age of the supermodel is dead, but I don't think it's dead," she continued. "I just think people want more. We have new technology, so people want to see personalities, not just someone walking down a runway or just a face." Tell us: Do you like her cover bikini? Let us know in the comments!

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