Attention Brides: You Can Now Add SoulCycle Classes to Your Wedding Registry

Wedding SoulCycle Classes - Lead
Photo: Courtesy SoulCycle

If burning calories in spin class is more your speed than picking out fine china patterns, then get ready to infuse a little fun into your wedding registry. Starting today, for the first time ever, SoulCycle is teaming up with the wedding registry website Zola to allow couples to add SoulCycle classes to their registry. According to both companies, they decided to team up to allow fitness-loving couples an opportunity to enjoy a fun workout together. It's also a surefire way to get into a pre-wedding fitness routine, either together or individually.

There are currently two cycling packages available on Zola—a 20-class package and a 30-class package—which can be redeemed at your nearest studio location. Since killer thighs and a strong core don't come cheap, Zola offers a gift contribution feature where friends and relatives can contribute the amount of their choosing to expensive registy items, rather than purchase them in full. For those brides and grooms looking to take their cycling habits in-house, you can register for a signature yellow SoulCycle bike for your home.

VIDEO: Pre-Wedding Workout for Column Dresses

And that is what we call a gift that keeps on giving.

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