Sophie Turner's Latest Outfit Is a Peak Zoom Meeting Look

When you're on your couch but still need to be a person. 

If you're weeks into self-isolation at this point, you'll likely agree with Sophie Turner's assertion that anyone doing so and still wearing jeans is a "psychopath."

The Game of Thrones actress joined Conan O'Brien for a remote video interview, and discussed how her time social distancing is going. She also showed off the grey sweatpants she wore with her green sweater, giving us a peak work-from-home-but-still-have-Zoom-meetings look.

"I'm business on the top, party on the bottom," she said while showing off her sweats.

Aren't we all?

Sweats aside, though, Turner said she's thriving in isolation as an introvert: "I'm kind of loving it. I'm an introvert, I'm a homebody. If I could stay at home all day I would, so this is great for me. I only leave the house once a day to walk my dogs and that's it."

Turner has been social distancing with husband Joe Jonas, who she said isn't having quite as easy a time adjusting.

"I hear divorce rates are up, but for Joe and I everything seems to be working out in my favor here," she said. "Because Joe's a real social butterfly, so I struggle to lock him down and have him spend time with me. It's prison for him but it's great for me."

If, like Joe, you're having a hard time self-isolating, might we interest you in some social distancing activities?

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