Sophie Turner Says She's Not Trying to Make This Trend Happen, Thank You Very Much

Comfort over couture.

While she's busy being the face of Louis Vuitton and wearing some of the coolest clothes around, Sophie Turner insists that during her downtime, she's happy to put comfort first. When Page Six reported that she was pushing the polarizing socks-with-sandals look, she responded on Twitter, saying that she actually wasn't. In fact, she's just doing what we all do and doesn't want any credit for promoting the combo.

"Lately, she's been pairing all her outfits with a polarizing choice of footwear," the paper wrote. "Sandals worn with socks." Page Six mentioned that she'd worn socks with her slides — one pair classic Adidas and the other Instagram-fave APL — on two occasions. The first time while she was out and about in New York City with her husband, Joe Jonas, and the second time with the Jonas Brothers after lunch. Two days in a row certainly seems like she's a champion of the look, but she dispelled that idea with a simple tweet.

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"Nah we've all been taking out the trash like this for years and you know it. I’m not trying to make anything happen other than giving my feet some much needed TLC," she wrote.

Her followers chimed in, too, saying that slides are actually designed to be worn with socks and that Page Six was making a big deal out of nothing at all. Socks-and-slides proponents added that they've been wearing the "trend" for decades.

While her footwear may not be considered a trend, her bike shorts are very 2019. And if anyone thinks that she's always putting comfort first, the showstopping gown she wore to Joe Jonas's Bond-themed birthday bash is anything but dressed-down.

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