Sophie Turner Regrets Wearing This Louis Vuitton Look

It was a last-minute decision.

It takes a lot of look for someone like Sophie Turner to think twice. She's worn amazing couture creations and standout getups in the past, but the one look that she regrets is one that few people will ever forget. In a video for Elle U.K., Turner explains that the showstopping Louis Vuitton red blazer dress that she wore at Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding is her "worst look."

"Oh no," she says when she sees the LV dress. She wore the bold choice with a checkered crossbody bag and thigh-high black boots. "I'll forever regret this look. One of my worst looks."

Sophie Turner Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Wedding
Mark Milan/Getty Images

Turner went on to explain that it wasn't the first choice for the occasion. She actually had two other options, but because of a time crunch, she never got the chance to try them on before the wedding and they didn't fit. From there, she explains that the bad decisions kept snowballing.

"This is at Kit [Harington] and Rose [Leslie]'s wedding and I had a fashion emergency," she said. "Both of my really classy dresses that I picked out did not fit me because they'd arrived the day of the wedding and I hadn’t had a chance to try them on, and they didn't fit me."

The boots were another bad choice, she said, but she opted for them because they covered up more of her legs.

"I felt like, 'Well, if I just wear the heels, then all of my leg is showing,'" she said. "It was a disaster. Worst fashion choice."

Another one of her dresses made headlines for a totally different reason: Taylor Swift wore it first. Turner doesn't harbor any bad blood about the situation, however, saying that she felt great in the daring Alexandre Vauthier gown.

"I know that Taylor Swift wore it before to an event and she looked much better in it than I did," Turner said in the video. "It was amazing. I wanted to be a Bond girl for the night. It was a proper dress-up night. It was a lot of fun."

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