Sophie Turner Is Fascinated By How Famous Priyanka Chopra Is

Despite her own massive popularity, Turner is still intrigued by J Sister Priyanka's influence.

Sophie Turner is typically recognized near and far as fan-favorite character Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. But despite her own level of fame, there's still someone whose popularity absolutely floors her: her very own "J Sister," Priyanka Chopra.

In a recent interview with Elle, Turner opened up about a myriad of topics, including how great it is to have "built-in" girlfriends by way of Danielle Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, both of whom she's now related to as a result of her marriage to Joe Jonas. While details are still scarce about her potential pregnancy (her first child with Jonas), the star did have some commentary to share on how lucky she is to have in-laws she enjoys chatting with.

During the interview, she noted that the J Sisters are "actually really cool," and gushed about being about to "hang out with."

"We can really talk to each other about, like, how crazy the boys' lives are," she said. "We can relate on so many different levels. It's like, thank God, because you never know [about your in-laws]." But she's still intrigued by just how famous Chopra is in the grand scheme of things, even now.

"With Pri, especially, it's kind of crazy. You have to remind yourself that she's basically had a 20-year career in Bollywood already. She's like the biggest thing in India right now. When we went there for her and Nick's wedding, we were treated like royalty. They worship her over there. It's kinda crazy."

But Turner knows that, even with how popular and hectic Chopra's life can be, she's always going to be available to chat with as part of a support system.

"She's just the nicest person, and they live, like, 10 minutes away," she said of Nick and Priyanka. "And even though Kevin and Danielle live in New Jersey, we see them all the time. It's like we're all one big family, because the boys are best friends."

It just goes to show that, no matter how popular you yourself may be, there's always someone else to leave you a little awestruck by their presence. Luckily, "Pri" happens to be family for Sophie.

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