Sophie Turner Chugged Wine on a Jumbotron and the Internet Lost Its Collective Mind

Give Sansa the Iron Throne already.

Some people freeze when they find themselves in the spotlight. Other people thrive. And then there's Sophie Turner.

The actress, 23, doesn't just thrive in the face of, well, a camera shoved in her face — she absolutely flourishes. Case in point: On Tuesday night, the Game of Thrones star was minding her business at a New York Rangers hockey game alongside fiancé Joe Jonas when she found herself on the jumbotron.

Without missing a beat, Turner began hamming it up, dabbing for the camera while managing not to spill a single precious drop of red wine from her stemless glass. And then, as if suddenly becoming aware of the glass in her hand and the power that she held in that moment, she did it. There in front of thousands, Turner chugged her wine with the pomp of a champion, looked back at the jumbotron, wiped her mouth with her bare hand, and slunk low in her seat with a look that said, "It's Tuesday, what're ya gonna do?"

Obviously, the crowd lost it. Twitter wasn't far behind.

Even the Jo Bros, with their usual steely coolness and smizing, couldn't contain their awe.

In conclusion: Give Sansa the Iron Throne already.

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