He even wore a mini tuxedo. 


Joe Jonas elected eleven of his closest guy friends to stand up for him during his second wedding to Sophie Turner in France this weekend, but one groomsman in particular was light years cuter than the rest: Porky Basquiat Jonas.

Porky is Joe and Sophie's dog – an Alaskan Klee Kai — and he traveled all the way from Los Angeles to see his famous parents tie the knot on Saturday evening, which is a pretty big deal. Wearing a mini black and white tuxedo complete with a bow tie, Porky nearly upstaged the groom in photos.

Ahead of the ceremony, the couple's beloved pup was spotted posing outside Le Chateau de Tourreau with Joe and his fellow groomsmen, and his cuteness is almost too much to handle.

Joe and Sophie adopted their adorable dog in 2017, and he's been living a *very* luxurious lifestyle ever since. In addition to flying private and dodging the paparazzi, Porky enjoys third-wheeling his mom and dad's dates. So, it's probably a wise bet that he'll be joining them on their honeymoon.

We can't wait to see photos!