There's just something about rock stars.

By Christopher Luu
Updated Jun 20, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

Before she was a bona fide Jonas Sister, Sophie Turner's dad called it. Not the Jonas thing exactly, but he knew that his daughter would get hitched to a musician. During an appearance on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's podcast, The HFPA in Conversation, Turner explained that her dad's just now starting to get into her husband's music — the new tunes and the classic tracks — and that he's very happy she married a rock star.

"Well, he's getting into the Jonas Brothers. … They weren't his demographic! But he's getting into them now and he loves them and the new music is fantastic," Turner said.

She added that it was a tossup for her dad. He either wanted his daughter to grow up and marry an athlete or a musician. Well, thanks to that surprise Las Vegas ceremony after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards back on May 1, she managed to make his wish come true.

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

"So yeah, my dad was beyond pleased when I married a musician because it was always kind of … 'You have to marry a rugby player or a musician!' So I got one of them right,'" she continued.

She added that she's still getting used to calling him her husband — a classic newlywed move.

"I keep going from boyfriend, to fiancé, to husband," she said. "I can't figure out what to say! … It's early days but we're very happy."

Early days or not, the world is waiting to see what the couple has planned for their big blowout wedding. Joe Jonas talked about it on SiriusXM, saying that the civil part of the wedding is done and that ceremony's in the rearview. With that behind them, they can focus on a wedding that doesn't involve Diplo live-streaming.

"Well, in my mind, you know, that was the legal portion of the marriage," Jonas said. "So I was thinking, like, 'Look, this is not the most important day. There's an important day, I mean, I'll keep private, but ahead of us. So we were, like — this is, like, just whoever's in town."

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, he said that the first ceremony was exactly what he wanted for himself, his wife, and friends.

"We had to do a legal marriage before we did a real big one," Jonas said. "It was either the courthouse, or our version, and I preferred our version. Friends, Elvis, and Ring Pops."