Sophia Bush
Credit: Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup; Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Coach

Sophia Bush cut bangs into her hairstyle back in December, and it's changed her whole look since. In a good way, of course—that's what she told us at the recent reopening of The Beverly Hilton pool in Los Angeles. “They're good for me because they force me to be a little bit of a girl," the actress told "They sort of make me dress up a little more. It's like, if I have to fix my bangs to not look like I've just come out of a hurricane, then I might as well put on mascara and put on flats instead of sneakers!" If you're considering some fringe like Bush, make sure you find the right look for your face shape. A side-swept is great for heart-shaped faces, heavy bangs fit square faces, an airy style fits oval faces, and sloping asymmetrical fringe fits short foreheads.

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— Kwala Mandel