Sophia Bush
Credit: Timothy Hiatt/WireImage

When you think of celebrities who are eco-friendly, Chicago PD star Sophia Bush probably comes to mind—and for good reason. The actress has been actively involved in promoting environmental initiatives for years (she even won our 2014 Social Media Award for Best Do-Gooder), and she’s back at for Earth month.

This time around, she’s teamed up with EcoTools, an earth-conscious beauty brand, to raise money for an organization that’s very close to her heart, Global Green. “Global Green and I are always looking do some sort of activation around Earth Month and Earth Day,” Bush tells InStyle. “EcoTools got in touch with Global Green because they were launching their complexion brush collection ($24; and they wanted to pledge a dollar from every brush to Global Green up to $100,000.” Bush, who has run a half-marathon on behalf of the organization, quickly volunteered to act as spokesperson. “I said, ‘Sign me up! I can wear high heels instead of running shoes, and I would love to talk about this.’”

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The partnership is even more fitting as Bush has long been a fan of the eco-friendly tools. “I’ve actually owned their brushes for a long time because I love something that’s non-toxic,” says Bush. “When you work in the entertainment industry, you go through brushes faster, so it’s nice to not feel guilty about needing to buy new stuff.” Even if you don’t tend to need new brushes as often, the tools are a great choice for those who are looking to green their routine.

However, that's not the only way they're partnering up in the hopes of making it easier for everyone to live a greener life. At the start of April, they began the hashtag #ecoinspire for people to share their best environment-friendly tips. "I think one of the things that we all find is that it can feel a little insurmountable to create change," Bush says. "Because I love social media we thought using a hashtag to create a searchable database for tips on how to make small and big changes would be really inspiring." Search the hashtag to join the conversation now, and visit to learn more about their innovative products.