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Jul 08, 2015 @ 7:15 am
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Happy birthday to one of Hollywood’s leading do-gooders! Actress Sophia Bush turns 33 today and while fans may know her best from shows like Chicago P.D. and One Tree Hill, anyone who follows her on social media can speak to her ardent activist leanings. Whether it's pushing for equal rights or environmental conservation, Sophia uses every opportunity to stand behind her causes and stays mindful of the power her celebrity brings.

The star, who recently took over InStyle's Instagram feed with jaw-dropping images of her inspiring travels to Uganda, counts responsible fashion among her passions. Beauty, brains, talent and a big heart? It's no wonder fans just love her! See how Sophia marries all of her interests—while always looking so fresh and effortless—in these 12 Instagram snaps below.

1. Fashion with a purpose: learning to loom in Uganda.

This is Praise. She's the loom master at @akolaproject. And in this moment she's showing me how to loom with raffia, which she miraculously is able to make into the most stunning handbags. The process requires patience, a great eye for pattern, and is actually quite meditative. Much like anyone who's truly skilled at something complicated, Praise makes working the loom seem so easy. I assure you it is not! I know because I tried. She was incredibly patient with me as I learned -- and screwed up a zillion times -- just as she has been in teaching all of the artisans who are now working alongside her. She said, "thank you for supporting our work," to which I immediately replied, "we support your work because we LOVE your work. It's truly beautiful." And I mean that. Praise deserves all the praise I can offer. She's a true artist, and a women empowering so many women in Jinja. #UgandaBeInspired #FashionWithPurpose #madewithlove 📷 by @coryt

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2. Keeping her skin hydrated with her own line of paraben- and animal testing-free mist from @ismellgreat. Of course she looks fresh and radiant while traveling through 100 degree heat!

3. Empowering—and connecting with—women in a war-torn region.

What an incredible welcome to Gulu, Uganda!! The 175 women of @31bits rushed our car upon arrival, dancing & singing, and pulled us into the compound and performed for us. We only sat for a few moments to learn the proper moves, and then were coaxed up and led into the field, dancing with these incredible ladies and their kids. I lost count of the number of times they thanked us for coming. The thing is, it's us who are so grateful to them. For hosting us. For welcoming us like family. For their warm smiles and strong hugs and inviting souls. And for their incredible perseverance. #31Bits was born to help rehabilitate a war-torn region. To help empower the most disadvantaged women. To return hope to families. And these amazing ladies have done it. Their stories will move you to tears, make you thankful for the sheer magic that is the human spirit, and bring so much joy into your heart that you'll realize you're clutching your hand to your chest just to feel it beating, and you didn't even notice that you put it there. Being conscious of what you support, even through such simple actions as buying a bracelet or necklace for a loved one, can literally impact entire communities halfway around the world. The gratitude that these women put into each piece they make is palpable here. Talk about the meaning of "being made with love." #UgandaBeInspired #FashionWithPurpose

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4. Dressing up to stand behind global education for girls.

5. Adopt, don't shop for, dogs. Taking a time-out to cuddle with her fur babies.

Don't tell them, but each one of them is my favorite child #mothersdayish #furbabies #AdoptDontShop

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6. She makes even the simple act of brushing teeth look good.

7. Sharing eco-tips with her collaboration with earth conscious EcoTools.

Last week I shared with all of you that for #EarthMonth, I'm partnering up with @EcoTools to help raise funds and awareness for @GlobalGreen. You guys have done an amazing job of sharing the ways that you love the Earth with our hashtag, #EcoInspire. Simple tips are being added every day! And today, here's another one from me. Invest in a coffee mug or water bottle of your own. You can pick something that fits your style, and reduces your usage of disposables. I usually keep fresh lemon and mint in mine, which helps keep me on track to stay hydrated. It's a great way to live beautifully! Keep following the stream, and let us know how you're joining in our "Live Beautifully, Give Beautifully" campaign to help the environment! #EcoInspire #ConsciousnessIsChic

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8. Getting personal: Sophia opens up about her own experience with sexual assault.

My #wcw today goes out to all the ladies who've ever felt afraid, or threatened, and to all of you who are survivors. Did you know that every day in the United States there are 804 incidents of sexual assault? Well April is National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month, and I'm proud to see so many women, and men, taking a stand. Last year I dealt with months of terrifying threats on my life from a stalker, and one of the law enforcement officers I met with gave me some Sabre tools. He said, "listen, you shouldn't HAVE to carry these, but until you feel safe enough not to, I want you to feel confident." This month @sabresafety announced their partnership with @RAINN01, the world’s largest anti-sexual assault organization, to raise awareness about sexual assault. They are sharing survivor’s stories and empowering people to take control of their personal safety. A % of proceeds from the red alarm are being donated to RAINN, and for the whole month of April, donations made directly to RAINN with be MATCHED by donors! Now THAT gives me confidence that eventually we won't have to feel afraid anymore. Thank you #Sabre for taking a stand with us - #SurvivorStories #SAAPM #RAINN

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9. Conscious commerce during the holidays.

10. Equality for all with Joe Fresh.

11. Supporting education initiatives in Bangladesh.

12. Inspiring the next generation of girls in Guatemala.


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