Soon, You Can Have Angela Bassett's Flawless Complexion

Angela Bassett LEAD
Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Along with her award winning performances, actress and director Angela Bassett’s radiant complexion never ceases to amaze us. The 57-year old American Horror Story star’s skin may negate her age, but caring for it hasn’t always been easy due to the lack of products available that specifically cater to darker skin tones.

“I’m not a person that wears a lot of makeup other than when I have to, when you’ve gotta amp it up, so I just like to keep the skin just clean, just clean, and in good shape so you can just go without it,” Bassett told InStyle of her skin care routine in November 2015. “Keeping it moisturized, bringing moisture to it, and keeping it plumped up. With brown skin, or skin with melanin, you would think it’s strong, but it’s really kind of fragile because hyper-pigmentation. You do a lot of lasers, and you can lose your color or get more color, so it’s really a challenge.”

To help other women of color experiencing the same frustration of being unable to find products tailored to their skin needs, Bassett is teaming up with German dermatologist Dr. Barbara Sturm to launch Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm, a skin care line for darker skin that will launch worldwide in July.

The five product range is a collection of daily essentials including a cleanser, enzyme cleanser, face cream, face cream rich, and a hyaluronic serum priced from $58 to $335, works to address common skin care ailments people with darker skin experience like inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, and uneven tone. Purslane, Dr. Sturm told WWD, is the major key ingredient in the line due to the herb’s power to address both inflammation and uneven skin tones, but also boasts anti-aging benefits.

Above all, Bassett told WWD that her goal for the line is to help people become aware of their skin and know which ingredients are helpful and non-irritating. “I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror, to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion.”

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