Michael Todd Soniclear
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Though sonic cleansing brushes are great for getting your face super-clean, the scrubbing action can be a little too aggressive for more sensitive complexions, and after a few uses, the bristles on the brush tend to get a little funky from the makeup and dirt removed from your skin. Enter Michael Todd's Soniclear tool ($149;, which is armed with ultra-soft bristles infused with an innovative technology. A wet brush head can be a breeding ground for bacteria and could cause even more flare-ups if not cleansed properly, but thanks to the anti-microbial formula each bristle is steeped in during the manufacturing process, Michael Todd's version keeps your skin and the tool itself safe from skin-irritating elements.

True to the brand's natural formulas, the anti-microbial solution uses ingredients derived from organic materials that are tough on germs and bacteria, but gentle on your skin. The technology stops bacteria from reproducing on the brush head, meaning you can spend less time washing the tool, and more time perfecting your complexion. Instead of replacing the brush attachment every 3 months, the anti-microbial formula allows you to swap it out every 6, or twice a year. Of course, this doesn't substitute washing your face brush altogether---after each use, we recommend rinsing the brush head with a gentle soap and warm water to remove any makeup left behind, and sticking it in the included charging station to dry completely. Pick up a kit for yourself, which includes a body brush attachment, trio of face cleansers, and charging station, for $149 at and the floral pattern above at Ulta stores nationwide starting April 19!