Musical guest Jason Derulo performs with The Roots on June 5, 2015
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/Getty Images

I have no qualms with the Top 100 (Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are basically on permanent Spotify rotation), but I've never cared much for Jason Derulo. Despite his impeccable dance moves and washboard abs, which were displayed in all of their glory on the cover of his 2014 EP Talk Dirty, his songs just never did it for me. But before you call me out on dismissing the smoothest vocal stylings since R. Kelly, know that his recent single, "Want To Want Me," has totally swayed me.

From the second the titillating beat drops, Derulo renders it almost impossible not to dance. And even though his high-pitched croon is extremely difficult to imitate (trust me, I've tried), the lyrics beg you to do so—especially when the chorus comes through:

Girl, you're the one I want to want me

And if you want me, girl, you got me

There's nothing, no, I wouldn't do, I wouldn't do

Just to get up next to you

It's the no-holds-barred declaration of love that one might expect from a teenybopper boy band, but from an R&B superstar who's penned songs for the likes of Diddy and Lil Wayne? Not so much. Those four lines, against the backdrop of an infectious pop anthem, opened my eyes to why this 25-year-old already has 11 platinum singles behind his belt. And that's why it's been on the Top 100 for two consecutive weeks (and counting).