Song I Have on Repeat: "Painted" by MS MR

Full disclosure: I'll always have a soft spot for MS MR because my boyfriend and I went to see them in concert on our first date. That said, my affection for them began in earnest a year or so before that, when I first heard their soon-to-be chart-topping single "Hurricane," and was wholly cemented when one of my other favorite bands, CHVRCHES, remixed it. Suffice it to say, I was elated yesterday when the duo (pronounced "Miz Mister") released "Painted," the first single from their forthcoming follow-up to 2013's Secondhand Rapture.

And the song was worth the nearly two-year wait. I was instantly reminded of MS MR's infectious brand of indie pop within the first few seconds, when frontwoman Lizzy Plapinger repeatedly croons, "What did you think would happen?" As the question continuously plays, it fades into the background while the rest of the chorus overlays it. And then comes the powerful culmination to the second verse: "It's getting old loving everyone else more than you love yourself."

After that, the track launches into a catchy instrumental reminiscent of "What Is Love" by Haddaway, conjuring up images of Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell head-bopping in tandem. It's easy to envision crowds of hipsters enthusiastically dancing to that entire portion, and they likely will be during the set of shows MS MR is slated to play this spring to promote their highly-anticipated second album. I'm sure by the time they make their way to N.Y.C. I'll be sick of this song, but then again, probably not.

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