Before this year, I had never heard of Milo Greene. And even though the band has substantial Wikipedia cred, I was initially skeptical of incorporating yet another obscurely named indie ensemble into my Spotify rotation. That's until I heard "Lie to Me." Synth-heavy, yes, but its catchy melody and pulsating beat renders it nearly impossible to sit still while listening, and marks a swift departure from the folksy tunes they previously churned out with their self-titled 2012 debut (I decided to do some recon afterward). Here's what I know now: The Los Angeles-based quintet has basically rebranded itself for their latest album, Control ($8; iTunes), by tapping producer Jesse Shatkin, who's shaped the sound of Sia, Foster The People, and Ellie Goulding, to name a few.

But what I love the most about "Lie To Me" specifically, besides the perfectly edgy, '80-esque music video, shot in a series of neon-colored close-ups, is its infectious chorus, perfectly sandwiched between reverberating guitar chords:

"And you want what I'll never be

Can't you just lie to me? Just lie to me

What you want is beyond my reach."

That, coupled with a perfectly executed drum sequence at the end, courtesy of Joey Waronker (Beck and R.E.M.) is what makes Milo Greene sound like the disco offspring of Grimes, MS MR, and The Cure. And that's why this song's on repeat.