Greg Holden
Credit: Myriam Santos

The name Greg Holden may not ring any bells, but you’re probably already a fan. He’s the songwriter behind American Idol alum Phillip Phillip’s smash hit “Home.” So basically, if you’re like me, and listened to that song for the entirety of 2012, you’re going to have Holden’s new single “Hold on Tight” on repeat for the rest of 2015.

What immediately made me fall for this song was Holden's upbeat pop-folk vibe. He’s the type of artist that makes you want to sing along even if you’re not sure of the words yet, but let me tell you, you’re going to want to listen closely to his lyrics. Beneath the infectious sound of “Hold on Tight” is a message that will make you think:

“So when you look at yourselfTell me who do you seeIs it the person you beenOr the person you're gonna be”

Those four lines particularly speak to me, but in general, it’s a song that reminds you to be grateful for what you have in life, and really, who doesn’t want to listen to a song on repeat that reminds you to be happy in the moment. Check out "Hold on Tight" below, and if you're wanting more, his new album Chase the Sun is out now. Happy listening!