Alabama Shakes

It was a beautiful spring Saturday and my wife and I were spending our time indoors cleaning the apartment (since we tend to destroy it during the work week). I had just installed Spotify on our PlayStation 4 in the living room and put on my dedicated spring playlist that I make each season for my wife (I'm a pretty good husband). After hearing the playlist twice, my wife, Emily, put on the new Alabama Shakes album, Sound & Color, and something came out of the speakers that caused my white-boy body to start moving. I was fully aware that my body was moving terribly, but I was in the zone.

I got hooked the moment the drums came in and my head was bobbing, but when the lead singer, Brittany Howard, begins what can only be described as a squeal at the 36-second mark, I got the chills. The music fades to silence and it's just her voice building up. It's like watching an important sporting event and the crowd goes silent as LeBron James catches the ball off the inbounds pass and jacks up a three pointer to win the game. It's a strained noise that is ended with the music coming back in and the first lines of the song, "My life. Your life. Don't cross them lines."

In essence, it's a song about two people who are making up and don't want to fight anymore. It's an ode to a fight that we have all experienced. It's that moment where you just have to throw your hands up and agree to disagree and choose to get along. The topic alone sounds like the song should be somber and about giving up, but it's so damn funky that it feels like a celebration. Which is how I now choose to end all my fights; with some funky guitar riffs, dancing like a nerd in my living room.

Listen to "Don't Wanna Fight" below, and purchase Sound & Color for $10 on the iTunes Store.