Why We're Psyched for the Launch of Solid & Striped's First Clothing Collection

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Out of all the swimwear brands to make a splash this summer, Solid & Striped came out on top as the most beloved by celebrities (see: Sienna Miller, Selena Gomez, and Elle Fanning) and average beachgoers alike. The brand prides itself on creating quality classics, most notably solid one-pieces (aka the preferred swim silhouette of the summer) that are as timeless as they are wearable. And now, much to everyone's delight, the cult-favorite line has branched out of the swimwear sphere to launch a fall/winter 2015 ready-to-wear collection for men and women.

"We were initially doing swim and every time I would do a photo shoot, I would pull clothing into the shoot to complete the story," says the founder Isaac Ross. "Swim alone wasn't enough to tell the story I wanted to tell—I wanted to include other pieces to complement swimwear."

These complementary pieces share the same core aesthetic found in swim, but this time in cotton knits, engineered striped tops and pants, easy-to-wear overalls, and cozy jumpsuits—all created with the intent of evoking the melancholic feel of when summer ends: "This is the collection I envisioned people would wear when they're closing the shutters of their summer home and preparing to come back to the city for the fall season," Ross says. "I wanted to feel like its roots were at the beach, but can be worn in the city."

As seamless as the ready-to-wear collection looks, the process of launching a clothing component was probably less so. "People underestimate how difficult it is to make things," he says, calling out the brand's expectations to maintain a level of excellence. Pattern makers, fabrics, hardware all had to be considered, which made the venture a big undertaking. And judging by the impressive range, it was all well worth it.

"The collection has our DNA in it—it's who we are aesthetically, but we just took the lifestyle element further," Ross says. "We're not here to chase trends. We want to make products that would've made sense 40 years ago and will still make sense in another 40 years."

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The fall/winter 2015 collection is available today; shop the pieces at solidandstriped.com.

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