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Credit: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

When Drake sang about "no new friends," he clearly wasn't referring to Solange and SZA!

The two ladies have a few things in common: they've produced two of the hottest albums of the past five years, a killer fashion sense, a flawless beauty game, and a great command of social media. The duo took to Twitter in praise of their budding friendship for all the world to see.

It all started with Solange posting a video of herself twirling around to SZA's new tune "Love Galore" on her Instagram story.

"Sigh I jus wanna hold hands 'n spin around that room w/ chu," was the Ctrl singer's response to the fun-filled video. Same SZA, same.

Solange returned the favor, tweeting "Solana • Solange Spin for the win! Less make a date and dooo it." Does it get any cooler? Who says you can't make real friends on social media?

She retweeted the announcement of SZA's album last month, thus it was only a matter of time before the two connected.

SZA also snagged Drew Barrymore for her video touting the singer's name (below), so perhaps she'll be invited to the outing too.

We're still waiting for our invite, but we're loving this girl power moment between these two powerhouses.