Solange Knowles
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

This interpretation of Solange Knowles’s “Cranes in the Sky” is so funny, even Solange herself had to respond to it. Twitter user @jiljilec created a photo series of Kermit the Frog living out scenes from Solange’s hit single off of her 2016 album, A Seat at the Table, which won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance, and the images will have you in stitches.

In the series of tweets, Kermit tries to “drink it away,” “change it with [his] hair,” and “keep [himself] busy,” but it’s useless. Nothing is working for poor Kermit.

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When Solange caught wind of the viral thread, she had two words: “Legit crying.” The Internet, of course, went crazy, as the original post has more than 15,000 shares and counting. “I am no longer alive from small fuzzy Kermit x Solange,” one Twitter user wrote.

Watch Solange’s music video above and decide who wore it better.