Solange Knowles's Favorite Beauty Product Costs Next to Nothing

2nd Annual Village Fete Benefiting Pioneer Works Center For Art & Innovation
Photo: Chance Yeh/FilmMagic

A slew of celebrities came out last night to celebrate Pioneer Works' second annual Village Fête sponsored by Bombay Sapphire in Red Hook, Brooklyn, which doubled as Poppy Delevigne’s 28th birthday party. But while Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung both donned denim to celebrate, Solange Knowles truly embraced the evening’s “Come As You Are” dress code in a stunning green Rosie Assoulin pant suit. “I actually had this to wear to another event and the dress that I was trying to wear tonight would not zip up. That's the God's honest truth,” she said. “But I feel fantastic in it and it's my kind of look. I love pants. It's a nice a way to incorporate pants into a cocktail look.”

Solange also revealed the one beauty item that she’s obsessed with: “Coconut oil. I use all in my hair. I use it on my face, on my skin, and good amounts. It's kind of a saving grace.”

The musician is admittedly low maintenance when it comes to her beauty routine. As for her life in general, she’s juggling the bustle of New York with the slower gait of New Orleans, where she lives with her husband and son. “[It’s] a healthy balance. I come and work… I get to see my peeps, I get to dress up. And then I get to go home and just relax and be mom and hear amazing music on every corner. It's a great yin and yang.”

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