By Anna Hecht
Mar 22, 2016 @ 3:45 pm
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With the launch of Solange Knowles's new online shop, Saint Heron, the singer-turned-fashion-muse embarks on yet another fashion foray. This time around, Knowles spearheaded the project as Saint Heron's creative director and, based on its artsy-cool feel alone, one can instantly sense that she had both hands on the wheel from start to finish.

Clicking into the online shop, its appearance and function are that of an expertly designed, modern multimedia website. Beyond that, however, it's like a virtual vintage store—at least style-wise. As for Saint Heron's purpose? In a recent Instagram (below), Knowles said she wanted to create "a community" that would give " music, art , and fashion a more thoughtful and diverse place."

So. A few years ago I was really frustrated. Like really really bummed out and frustrated seeing the way my story was being told as a young artist and woman of color. Frustrated at the way my artist friends stories were being told. Frustrated by the way my heroes stories were being told, or not told at all. There were holes. Big ones. There was a gap. There was disrespect. There was a lack of knowledge. There was too much irony. There was poor representation. So I decided we needed to tell our own, & then @saintheron was birthed. As 🧀-y as it sounds... I want to be clear. Saint Heron is not me. Saint Heron is you, & it's us. It's not a brand, it's not a label, it's not an album (although that shit bangs,lol), it's not a party (although we like to throw down) , it's truly... a community. It's our way of saying hi👋🏾, we are here, a lot of us, and we are nuanced and complicated, and we want more, we expect more, and so we are not asking for you to make more. We are just going to creat MORE. We are going to evolve and grow and were not gonna get it right every time, but most importantly we are going to keep building and keep trying to tell our stories FOR US, BY US and for ANYONE who is on board with us and our mission to bringing these stories to the forefront, & making the world of music, art, & fashion a more thoughtful & diverse place. 🆗 I know this is lot of talk for a picture of ceramics, lol, BUT after last nights launch, I truly could not be more grateful for the space and community that I'm so humbled to be apart of and I could not be more proud and excited to evolve with our continued mission to celebrate diversity, culture, & the innovation of artist of color with the @SaintHeronShop! I'm so damn thankful that you guys keep coming along on the journey, and I'm so so damn thankful to @armina.mussa & @johnbogaard & @luvraq for staying awake w me the last 72 hours and bringing this to life. I love you guys so much & appreciate all your dedication tenfold. Special thank u to Puffy, Daymond John, Master P, BirdMan, Magic Johnson & Mathew & Tina Knowles for being examples when I was a kid that F.U.B.U. (For us by us) is REAL & CAN exist & be great!❤️

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True to her eclectic, colorful, and organic taste (which we love to follow on her Instagram), the for-purchase product line has everything from Cardamom + Vanilla Body Butter (Store.SaintHeron; $16) to Cassette Tape Candy (Store.SaintHeron; $40), which, in order to eat, one should first "crush with a hammer or mallet" (assuming you have a mallet handy) as is explained in the product description. Well, OK!

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Previously, the 29-year-old artist and younger sister of Beyoncé has collaborated with a number of fashion brands. Last year, she celebrated her third year co-designing collections with Puma, which led to her Saint Heron design collaboration. Now, if we could just get our hands on this epic Devonrae Jones Color Block Dress (; $270) because how Solange is that?