Sofia Vergara's Workout Secrets

Sofia Vergara
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How does Sofia Vergara keep her curves looking sexy? Well, it’s partly good genes and partly due to her new workout routine with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. “We make sure the curves stay in place and the straight always are nice and tight,” Peterson (inset) told us. That's why he put the Modern Family star on a schedule that includes three hour-long peripheral heart action (PHA) circuit workouts per week. PHA workouts involve short, intense exercises that keep the heart rate elevated so you maximize your time at the gym, perfect for Vergara’s busy schedule. “The fact she makes the time for these workouts is phenomenal and will keep her looking great in the future,” said Peterson, who also trains Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian. But Vergara’s dedicated. “I said this year I would be a little more careful about exercise and eating healthy,” she said at the SAG Awards. And she is! See Sofia Vergara's exact workout routine after the jump.

Try Vergara's PHA circuit:

1. 10-15 reps of a lower-body exercise like a squat or lunge

2. 10-15 reps of an upper-body exercise like a row or a pull-up

3. 10-15 reps of a core exercise like crunches or stability ball work

4. 30 seconds of cardio

Repeat 2 to 3 times and switch the order of steps 1 to 3.

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