Sofia Vergara's Gym Mantra: "I Make Myself Go as Punishment"

Sofia Vergara
Photo: J. Countess/Getty Images

Sofia Vergara’s got a body to die for, but it's slightly comforting to know that even she has to work for it. The Modern Family star sat down with InStyle this week in New York City as part of the Follow The Script campaign, where she spoke candidly about her stay-fit routine and how, exactly, she continues to look so damn sexy.

"I didn't used to go," Vergara tells InStyle of hitting the gym. "Then I realized I was getting older and it was becoming more important to keep myself looking good for my job, so then I starting making myself go. I try to mix it up; I make myself go as punishment [laughs]. I do the reformer machine, weights, cardio, a little bit of everything.

The star, who currently lives in Los Angeles, says her West Coast zip code makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle much less difficult. "It's easier living in L.A.—in New York there are so many events—you go to one place and have a drink, then you go to the next place and have a drink, you stay up later. In L.A. people are into a healthy lifestyle so it's easy."

Want Sofia's workout routine? Get the moves straight from her trainer.

For her integral role in Follow the Script, the star shares her personal experience with hypothyroidism and encourage others to tell their stories. To learn more about the initiative, visit

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