Sofia Vergara is the world's highest paid TV actress, so who better to follow into a career? Especially if you're related to her. Lucky for Vergara's 26-year-old actor and model son Manolo, he's got the perfect Hollywood role model in mom.

The mother and son duo stepped out at the season two premiere of Manolo's TV show, Guilty Party: History of Lying in Hollywood, and they looked, well, alike. It's an obvious thing to point out — they're related, no duh — but let's be honest here, they look like they could be the same age, despite the fact that Sofia is actually 46.

Sofia Vergara and son lead
Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
Sofia Vergara and son embed
Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Manolo has already gotten a solid start in the acting world playing the role of Preston on his TV show. With new acting jobs popping up on his IMDb page (and some swanky modeling gigs), he's starting to make more of a name for himself too.

Guess both good looks and acting chops run in this family.