Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

We all know that Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello love a good time. (Remember that "Joechella"-themed birthday party she threw him earlier this year?) But this Friday they took it to a whole new level—or more specifically, to a rave.

The occasion, which Sofia referred to as her "first rave," was the Beyond Wonderland EDM music festival in Southern California. And it looks like Vergara had a swimmingly good time!

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The Colombian bombshell posted an Instagram pic of herself with hubby Manganiello in a prop bathtub. Both are holding inflatable fish and there's a giant seashell lurking behind them, which seems appropriate, based on the festival's aquatic "The Endless Sea" theme.

Manganiello regrammed another of Vergara's pics, in which the couple holds their arms aloft in pure EDM enthusiasm. "Took my wife to her first rave," Manganiello captioned the post, "courtesy of @thedieselboy and @djcolette."

What did Vergara do after her rave revelry? Tucked into a nice slice of cake, of course. The actress is famous for her love of sweets and proclaiming said fandom on social media.

Sounds like a fun night if you ask us!