This Was the Moment Sofia Richie Realized She and Her Family Were Famous

Photo: Andreas Rentz/French Select for amfAR

Though Lionel Richie has been navigating worldwide fame since the '70s, he tried to shield his children from the public eye while raising them in Hollywood—a feat that proved to be more difficult than it sounds. In an interview with Tings London, daughter Sofia Richie opened up about what it was like growing up in a famous family and the moment she knew they were stars.

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"We would do tons of things in the house and it would be private," the 18-year-old model revealed of her childhood, according to the Daily Mail. "Whenever we would just go out in public or to say Disneyland, when I was a kid, and I saw people attack them, and that's when I sort of realized [it all]. It was crazy and definitely wasn't normal with all the attention." Now, Richie commands the spotlight all on her own.

While she may not be able to keep her comings and goings private—hello 2.5 million Instagram followers—she does intend to keep her dating life out of the public eye. "When it comes to dating you want to keep it as private as possible," she said. "As something special between you and the other person. You don't really want other peoples' opinions on it – even though it doesn't matter. I just don't want to hear it at the end of the day."

For now, we'll wait for what Richie does choose to show us on social media, including those insanely adorable pictures with her dad.

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