Sock Donut
Credit: Alex Reside and Darrell Blakely for

Yes—we're actually taking some styling advice from the legions of previously unfashionable, uncool tourists who've worn sandals with socks for decades—but with a twist, of course. Our versions of the sock and sandals are totally sexy in that schoolgirl kind of way. To take the trend up a notch, we turned to the Hermes runways for one of the coolest styling tricks we've ever seen, and we've trademarked it the "Ankle Donut."

The trick to pulling off the perfect sock 'n' roll is to pick the perfect shoes and socks. Your shoes should be chunky, high-heeled sandals with a thick ankle strap that won't get lost or covered up by your donut. Pick them in a neutral hue or a bold hue (like red). Pick your sock color based on the color of your sandal. It should be a neutral that doesn't clash (dark grey works best with most shoes). Choose a thin wool sock, but make sure it's not too thin (so it won't slouch). The sock should be about knee-length. Then, starting from the top of your sock, quickly roll down the bottom of your ankle strap. Repeat on other side. And voila! You've become instant street style bait.

Chris Pine
Credit: Alex Reside and Darrell Blakely for