By Maura Lynch
Sep 17, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

I abandoned the whole bar soap category after discovering the shower gel aisle at Bath & Body Works as a pre-teen (country apple was my signature). There was something so feminine, so sudsy and glamorous about using a loofah and wash—it made me feel more adult. But now that I've officially grown up, soap is now making a major comeback in my shower, particularly the ones that come on ropes (yes, really).

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These are as fancy as they are utilitarian—why let your bar drown in its own soapy filth on a shelf or caddy when it can hang delicately from a hook? The hammam-inspired ones from Senteurs d’Orient ($38; come in 5 incredible scents, from warm amber to fresh jasmine; they’re handmade in Lebanon, and proceeds support women’s education in the country in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme. Swedish brand L:A Bruket’s sage, rosemary and lavender version ($34, smells like a fresh herb garden at the beginning of summer. And even when I’ve slept through my 7 a.m. alarm five times over and can barely open my eyes, the super coconut-y scent of Byrd’s retro-looking model ($16; makes me feel like I’m on vacation (not fully opening my eyes until I’m out of the shower helps a lot with this, too). 

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