By Claire Stern
Jun 20, 2015 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: Courtesy

There is no shortage of aesthetic factors to consider when decorating a home: Do you want stainless steel flatware? Porcelain serving plates? Italian bed linens? For those who may be novices to the design process, in search of simple, affordable modern interiors that aren't IKEA, Snowe may be your new go-to. The just-launched e-commerce line boasts a vast, curated range of high-end homewares (appropriately dubbed "The Foundation Collection") ranging from crystallized glasses to air-woven cotton towels. 

The best part? Similar to its Swedish counterpart, Snowe gives you plenty of bang for your buck: all of their products ring in at under $330. "Our goal is to create luxury essentials that are the building blocks to your home at a price you can afford," founder Rachel Cohen tells InStyle. All of the brand's pieces are created in neutral white and slate gray colors (hence the name "Snowe"), that can be easily paired with your own existing pieces. Shop our 10 choice picks below, and visit to see the whole line.