By Camryn Rabideau
Updated Oct 15, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to marry politics and pop culture so flawlessly. On last night's episode, the show parodied the popular horror movie It with a political twist, turning Kellyanne Conway into "Kellywise the Dancing Clown."

For the segment, Alex Moffat portrays Anderson Cooper, who leaves the studio late at night and heads home in the rain. The paper he's carrying gets blown out of his hands and swept into the sewer, and as he's peering into the drain, out pops Kate McKinnon, dressed as Kellyanne Conway, a.k.a. Kellywise the Clown.

The exchange between the two characters is incredibly on point—you have to see it for yourself! McKinnon even nails the famous Pennywise dance move at the end.

Fans are losing it over this skit, and we're totally with them. One YouTube commenter wrote that it was "one of the best filmed SNL skits in ages." Another was wowed by McKinnon's creepy character, writing, "I'm now totally convinced Kate McKinnon could play Harley Quinn if she wanted."

Hats off to McKinnon for an amazing job—though, we can't say we're surprised. She's incredibly talented!