Camryn Rabideau
Dec 03, 2017 @ 12:30 pm
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

If you've ever walked home with your keys between your knuckles, you can probably relate to the latest skit from Saturday Night Live.

The late-night comedy show is never one to back away from hot-button issues, and they proved that to be true again last night with a savage skit about the recent sexual harassment claims coming out of Hollywood. The SNL ladies got dressed up in girly pastel outfits to sing "Welcome to Hell," a surprisingly catchy pop song that explains harassment is not a new issue for women.

The video features last night's host, Saoirse Ronan, as well as cast members Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant. Strong opens the song, saying, "Hey there, boys. We know the last couple months have been freaking insane."

"All these powerful guys are turning out to be, what’s the word? Habitual predators," continues Bryant.

"Cat's out of the bag: Women get harassed all the time," says McKinnon, before the group breaks into song.

Leslie Jones also makes a cameo in the video to remind the group "it's like a million times worse for a woman of color."

As with many SNL skits, "Welcome to Hell" has drawn mixed reactions from viewers, with some people saying it's spot on and others saying it's toeing the line. You can't deny it's a catchy beat, though!

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