Great news! Our favorite bromance is still going strong.

Kensington Palace just revealed that Prince Harry interviewed none other than former President Barack Obama for a special radio segment on BBC News, and the preview of their tête-à-tête is giving us life!

Apparently the two men got together for this special interview during September's Invictus Games in Toronto—you know, when we got those first amazing pics of now-engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle holding hands. But we digress. According to the statement, Prince Harry and Obama sat down to talk about "their shared interest in building platforms for the next generation of young leaders," but the sneak peek is a lot more lighthearted.

“Do I have to put on a British accent?” Obama asks jokingly as he sits down.

“No, but if you start using long pauses between answers you’re going to get ‘the face,'” Prince Harry replies, demonstrating the stern scowl he's referring to.

How can they be so proper yet hilarious at the same time?!

The interview will air on BBC News Radio 4 on December 27, and we're definitely going to be tuning in. We never miss an opportunity to listen to these two joke around!