Sneak Peek: Once Upon A Time's Winter Finale

Once Upon a Time
Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Just in time for tonight’s winter finale, caught up with Once Upon A Time star Jennifer Morrison for a preview of what’s to come on the fairytale-inspired show. The big question: Will Morrison’s character Emma ever make it back to Storybrooke? “We clearly are working toward that,” Morrison said, hinting that some unwanted stowaways may be coming with her. “Cora wants to get to her daughter who has outsmarted her in the past, and Hook wants to take revenge on Rumplestiltskin so there’s definitely villains in Fairytale Land that seem like they’re going to impact Storybrooke.” As for Emma, expect more magic when the show returns for the second half of the season! “She’s full fairytale blood. I know that sounds crazy, but she’s truly a fairytale character,” Morrison said. “We’re going to see moments where she realizes she’s capable of things that she never imagined.” Tune in tonight for the winter finale at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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— Angela Salazar

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