Snapchat Will Now Let You Share Your Exact Location with Friends on a Map

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Because privacy is so passé, Snapchat has officially made it possible to share your location with your friends on the app.

On Wednesday, the social media platform rolled out a new, aptly titled featured called Snap Map. Basically, this tool allows you to drop a pin anywhere on the map that’ll let your crew knew exactly where you are. Is it creepy? Absolutely. But after some thought, the new addition is actually great for staying safe.

You’ll only be able to share your location if you and a friend follow each other, and, best of all, you can be selective about who, exactly, gets to receive the pin. If you want your new crush to maybe come find you, go for it. If you want your roommate staying in to know where you are in case of emergency, voila. If you don’t want your boss to know how you spend your weekends, she won’t see it.

In addition to obviously seeing where specific people are at one time, you’ll be able to scroll across the map and see what groups of friends are doing, and if there’s an event you have to head to in order to prevent FOMO.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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