SuperBowl Fanicures - CoverGirl
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You've picked your stylish game day getup in your team colors, started planning the menu, and are narrowing down the guest list for your Super Bowl party---the only thing left on the checklist? Lacquering up in a football-inspired manicure, of course! Considering the fact that Katy Perry, a.k.a. the reigning queen of the nail art game, is performing at the halftime show, a creative nail design that mirrors the motif of your favorite boy's jersey is a more appropriate move than ever. As an official sponsor of the NFL, CoverGirl has enlisted nail artists to paint up a duo of team-spirited manicures ---show your support all the way down to your digits. Whether you're cheering on the Seahawks or are a true Patriots fan, even nail art novices can avoid fumbling the intricate designs thanks to the easy to follow instructions. Keep reading to get the step-by-step breakdown so you can tackle the patterns before kickoff!

SuperBowl Fanicures - CoverGirl
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1. After a layer of base coat, apply a white color like CoverGirl's Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss ($4; to each nail, except your ring finger. Allow the color to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

2. Use transparent tape to section off portions in a zig-zag pattern, then fill in portions using the taupe Show Stopper hue ($5;, the dark navy Sapphire Flare ($5;, and CoverGirl's XL Nail Gel in Plump It Pear ($7; We recommend dipping a nail art brush or an old eyeliner brush into the lacquer to get a more precise finish.

3. While your pattern sets, apply the Sapphire Flare color to your ring finger. Wait for the nail color to dry completely before peeling off the tape.

4. On your ring finger, dip a nail art brush into the white lacquer and begin painting on the Seahawks logo. Though this step seems intimidating, the pattern is much easier when broken down into shapes. We recommend painting a white oval at the center of your nail from cuticle to tip to start, then fill in the detailing from there. With the navy hue and a fine brush, sketch the shape of the beak, the eye, and define the edges. If you have trouble holding a steady hand, wait for the shape to dry, trace the pattern with a liquid liner, then go over the lines with the nail lacquer.

5. Use a dotter tool to place the green color onto the eye of the logo, and add a taupe cutout at the base of your cuticle just beside the eye. Finish with a layer of topcoat.

SuperBowl Fanicures - CoverGirl
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1. Begin with a layer of base coat, followed by the Outlast Nail Gloss in Snow Storm ($4; on each finger. Allow the color to dry completely before moving on.

2. Place a strip of tape on half of the nail in a diagonal direction, then paint the exposed portion with the Reddy and Willing hue ($5; Repeat on each nail, leaving out the ring finger, and allow the color to dry.

3. Peel off the tape, then place a new strip on the opposite side of your nail, still in a diagonal direction. Paint the exposed portion with the Sapphire Flare color ($5;

4. As the design dries, begin working on your ring finger. Place two strips of tape in an L shape, covering the top portion of your nail, then fill the lower half of your digit in with the red lacquer. Peel off the tape, then paint the tip area in the navy color.

5. Use a nail art brush dipped in white lacquer to add a strike from your cuticle to the middle of your nail, then paint a partial star coming from your tip. Finish with top coat.